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  • Wall and Water Gardens  by Gertrude Jekyll
  •    Roses - by Gertrude Jekyll
  •    Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden  by Gertrude Jekyll
  •    Wood and Garden :  by Gertrude Jekyll
  •     Early Architecture of the South  by Lisa C. Mullin
  •     Landscape Architecture :  A Manual of Site Planning
  •                and  Design  by John Ormsbee Simonds
  •    Early American Southern Homes  by Lisa C. Mullin
  •    Village Architecture of  Early New England-
  •               by Lisa C. Mullin
  •    Early Architecture of Rhode Island  by Lisa C. Mullin
  •    Homes of New York and Connecticut
  •               by Lisa C. Mullin
  •    New England by the Sea by Lisa C. Mullin
  •    Survey of Early American Design  by Lisa C. Mullin
  •    Colonial Architecture of the Mid-Atlantic (The Architectural
  •               Treasures of Early America, Vol 4)
  •               by Lisa C. Mullins (Editor)
  •    The House of Boughs :  A Sourcebook of Garden Designs,
  •               Structures, and Suppliers  by Elizabeth Wilkinson (Editor)
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