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  •     Biltmore Estate :   the Most Distinguished Private   Place
  •                    by John M. Bryan
  •      Biltmore Estate Specialties   of the House   by Cathy A. Wesler 
  •      Biltmore Estates : Frederick   Law Olmsted's Landscape
  •            Masterpiece   by Pamala Lynn Messer
  •      The Enchanted Hill :  the story of Hearst Castle  at San  Simeon
  •                     by Carleton Winslow
  •      Hearst Castle : The Story of William  Randolph Hearst 
  •                      and San Simeon  by Taylor Coffman
  •      Hearst Castle, San Simeon  by Thomas N. Aidala
  •      Hearst Castle, San Simeon
  •      Newport Houses  by Roberto Schezen
  •      West Coast Victorians :  A Nineteenth-Century Legacy 
  •                      by Kenneth, 1944- Naversen
  •      The English Formal Garden :   Five Centuries of  Design 
  •                      by Gunter Mader
  •      Victorian Garden - by Allison Kyle Leopold
     by Maria Hetenyi