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                          HOME AND GARDEN BOOKS 
    American Plants for American Gardens
                   by Edith A. Roberts, Elsa   Rehmann,  Darrell G. Morrison
    Dream Pools &  Gardens by Francisco Asensio Cerver
    Spectacular Pools by Pere Planells
    100 Garden Designs   by  Jack Kramer, Andrew Addkison
    80 Great Natural Habitat Plants    by Ken Druse, Kenneth Druse
    Affordable Landscaping    by Michael D. Smith
    The American Mixed Border :  Gardens for All   Seasons
                    by Ann Lovejoy
    The Backyard Landscaper : 40 Professional Designs  for Do-It-Yourselfers 
                    by Ireland-Gannon Assoc.
    Basic Projects and  Plantings for the Garden
                    by Tim Morehouse, Frank Clark (Illustrator), Ezra Haggard
     Private Gardens of Paris   by Madison Cox
     The Renaissance of Italian Gardens   by Lorenza De'Medici
     A World of Plants :  he Missouri Botanical Garden
                     by Charlene Bry, Marshall R. Crosby, H. pe Loewer
     The J. Paul Getty Museum Guide to the Villa and  Its Gardens
     Hugh Johnsons Encyclopedia  of Trees 
     The Garden Book - by John Brookes
     The Dictionary of Shrubs in Color  by S. Millar Gault
     Bridges and Cupolas  by Janet Strombeck, Richard Strombeck
    Gazebos and Other Garden  Structure Designs :
                   Ninety-Three New Ideas  for Leisure Time Enjoyment
                   by Janet A. Strombeck, Richard H. Strombeck

 by Maria Hetenyi  

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