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                                                     ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN

Senior Residences :  Designing Retirement Communities  for the Future
              (Wiley Series in  Healthcare   and Senior  Living Design)  by John E. Harrigan,
              Jennifer M.   Raiser, Phillip H. Raiser

Hospitality Design  for the Graying Generation :  Meeting the Needs of a Growing Market
                Wiley Series in Healthcare and Senior  Living Design  by Alfred H. Baucom, Robert J. Grosch

  Designing for Alzheimer's Disease :   Strategies for Creating  Better Care Environments
                Wiley Series in Healthcare and  Senior Living Design  by Elizabeth C. Brawley

Healthcare Design  Wiley Series in Healthcare and Senior  Living Design
                by Sara O. Marberry (Editor)
  Innovations in Healthcare Design  by Sara O. Marberry (Editor)

Hospital Interior Architecture :  Creating Healing Environments for
                Special Patient Populations  by Jain Malkin

Senior Residences :  Designing Retirement Communities for  the Future
                (Wiley Series in Healthcare   and Senior Living  Design)   by John E. Harrigan,
                Jennifer M.  Raiser,  Phillip H. Raiser

Designing Digital Space : An Architect's   Guide to Virtual Reality -
               by Daniela Bertol, David Foell

The Digital Architect :  A Common-Sense Guide to Using  Computer Technology
                in Design Practice  by Ken Sanders

Architectural Construction Drawings with Autocad R14 and Autocad Lt
                by James E. Snyder

The Art of Architectural Drawing :  Imagination and Technique
                by Thomas Wells Schaller

New Thinking in Design :  Conversations on Theory and Practice
                by C. Thomas Mitchell, Tom Mitchell

History of Interior Design  and Furniture : From Ancient  Egypt
                to Nineteenth-Century Europe  by Robbie G. Blakemore

Color and Light in Man-made  Environments - by Frank H. Mahnke

Color for Interior Architecture  by Mary Carol Miller

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors  by Sharon Koomen Harmon

Designing With Tile  by Carolyn Coyle


by Maria Hetenyi