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                                                        ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN

Builder's and Contractor's  Guide to New Methods and  Materials in Home Construction
               by Larry and Oleksy, Walter Emerson
Time-Saver Standards for  Architectural Design Data  by John Callender
Time-Saver Standards for Building Types  by Joseph De Chiara,
                John Hancock Callender (Editor)
New Complete Do-It-Yourself  Manual - by Reader's Digest
Specifications for Commercial Interiors
The Professional Practice of  Architectural Working Drawings
Presentation Drawings  by American Architects
                by Alfred M. Kemper
Uniform Building Code 1997 (Serial (Vol 2))
Uniform Building Code 1997 (Serial)
Architectural Rendering
The book of buildings :  a panorama of ancient, medieval,  renaissance, and
                modern structures by Richard Reid
Carpentry and Building  Construction