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  The Magic Pen of Joseph Clement Coll  by Joseph Clement, Coll

  Understanding Perspective  by Radu. Vero
   Master Class in Watercolor  by Edward H. Betts
   Painting Flowers With Joyce Pike  by Joyce Pike
   Marker Rendering Techniques  by Dick Powell, Patricia Monahan
   The Portrait Painter's Problem Book  by Burns, Singer
    Successful Portrait Painting  by John Howard Sanden, Elizabeth Sanden
    How to Paint Portraits in Pastel   by Joe Singer
    Complete guide to portrait painting
               by Furman J. Finck
    Portraits in Oil His the Artist's  Painting Library  by Wendon Blake
   Painting Watercolor Portraits  That Glow- by Jan Kunz
   Painting Watercolors  from Photographs by Georg Shook, Gary Witt
   Architectural Illustration in Watercolor : Techniques for Beginning and Advanced
                   Professionals - by Stephan Hoffpauir, Joyce Rosner
   Presentation Drawings  by American Architects by Alfred M. Kemper
  Streetwise Do-It-Yourself Advertising :  Create Great Ads,Promotions, Direct Mail,
                 and Marketing Strategies That  Will Send Your Sales Soaring -
                 by Sarah White, John Woods
   Capturing Nature in Watercolor  by Philip Jamison
by Maria Hetenyi