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Maria Hetenyi
25730 Lupita Drive
Valencia, CA 91355

 Pool and Landscape Drafter/Designer, FreeLancer.

Landscape Plan
Malibu Landscape Plan
Malibu Plan
New Spa
Hardscape and Landscape Plan
Hardscape and Landscape Plan

I have been designing swimming pools, gazebos, patios, spas, and landscaping
around swimming pools for over 10 years.   He are samples of my works.
                 Drawings with AutoCad:
              Hardscape Plan    Landscape Plan

How freelance works:
1. You fax, e-mail or mail me the rough layout and measurement
    of the project,  such as the sample you see  here.     Sketch
2.  I layout the project and prepare an accurate plot plan for you.
3.  Send it back to you (fax, e-mail or messenger) for your approval.
4.  You can correct it or call the correction on phone, or/if approved
      you just call me on phone.
5.  After final approval I can provide you with C or D size print (Color or B&W)
     according to your request.
Finished Drawing
 In cases when a plan is provided for you, than you can reduce the plan  to
 an 8.5 x 11 sheet and fax it to me.   I can send a colored finished
 plan 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 drawing through  the internet that you can print
 out in color with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
 Adobe Portable Document Format file  preserves the look  of the original
 drawing, complete with fonts, colors, images,  and formatting.

phone:   310-916-6357

  College of the Canyons,
  26455 Rockwell Cny Rd., Valencia, CA 91355
  Associate of Science Degree

    -Proficient in Windows '98,  and MicroSoft Word 6.
    -Proficient in Netscape  Navigator 6 and Composer
   - Obtained certificate in Modern Landscaping
    -Obtained certificate in Computer Aided Drafting

Architectural Books  Home and Garden Books   California Missions Books