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Born in Budapest (the Buda side), Hungary. Raised and lived in Budapest until 1956 November. Came to United States in 1957 January 1st.In 1960 I landed in South California, where I finally settled in. Having a life long passion for art, I started taking some courses in fine art, I have found and participated in some art group activities, and art shows, in Long Beach; Seal Beach; Laguna Beach; Lakewood; Ridgecrest. I have received numerous awards, sold a lot of paintings. Studying with some prominent artists such as Frank TAURIELLO, Leon Frank, Darwin Duncan, Sergei Bonnard. Studied art at Long Beach City College, took some art courses at Art Center in Pasadena, and completed an art course by mail from the Famous Art School in Connecticut. In addition, having jobs that kept my hand in commercial art and illustration for over 42 years.

Artist's Statement
Now in the new chapter of my life, I am settled down and devote all my creative energy to paint life around me. Whether it is a landscape; a figurative composition; a still life; or a portrait, I will put all my passion and emotion into my images and attempt to project it to the viewers. To see some of my Watercolors, go to the folloving web site: