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        Shortly after my dog Niki died, I picked up a copy of the breed rescue list for Southern California and found the phone number for the Akita Project an Akita Rescue organization, in Los Angeles.
I called the rescue to find out what they have available. They told me, they had two young Females and one young  Male.  I made an appointment to see the brown and white pinto Female.  After waiting for a week  I went down to the rescue to meet my potential adoptee. When I got to the rescue I saw a beautiful brown and white Akita in the front yard.  At first I did not think that she was the dog, they were going to adopt out to me, but sure enough she was.  This dog,  Eve, took a liking to me immediately.  After doing the paper work,  I was on my way home with Eve. During the drive home,  I kept wondering who could just give up a dog like this.

       Eve is undoubtedly the best dog  I have ever owned.  She has a very good disposition and gets along with other dogs.  The only two things that she does not like are cats and squirrels. If you are planning on, getting an Akita please consider adopting one of these rescue dogs. The advantage to this is, that these dogs already have an established temperament, which is not likely to change. With this being the case you will  know exactly what you are getting.