California Missions   by Sunset Editors
                 Our Price: $12.79
  The California Missions  by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk
                 Reading level: Ages 9-12  Price: $5.56

  Projects & Layouts (California Missions)  by Libby Nelson, Kari A. Cornell
                 Reading level: Ages 9-12   Price : $23.93  
  The Missions of California  by Melba Levick
                 Price: $15.16

  California Missions to Cut Out  by Norman Neuerburg   
                 Reading level: Ages 9-12 eadin  

 Romance of the bells :  the California missions in art   by Jean Stern 

 In & Out of the Old Missions of California   by George W. James  

l:Prominent Visitors to the California Missions (1786-1842)  
                 by Francis J. Weber   

Along the King's Highway : The Missions of California   
               by Brian Bates  

California's Old Missions : The Story of the Founding of the 21 
               Franciscan Missions by  Paul H. Kocher 
  Books of all 21 California Missions  

                                                                               by Francis J. Weber ges 9-12 

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